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Every Brokerage is Different.
Every MGA is the Same.
Until now…

WorkCompMGA is not a contract warehouse. It is a partnership customized to your goals and visions.

Traditional MGAs just extend contracts

What do Traditional MGAs do for YOU?

They extend contracts to you. Period. That’s it.

Having Carrier Contracts isn’t magic. You need a new business plan for growth and profitability.


What if an MGA…

  • helped you close new Work Comp business
  • helped you retain that Work Comp business
  • helped you cross-sell commercial
  • helped you access new Work Comp markets
  • helped you service your Work Comp policies
  • helped you sell and monetize your Work Comp Book
  • helped you grow and make more money
WorkCompMGA helps you grow your business

Enter WorkCompMGA

A completely new MGA

WorkCompMGA is about Partnering not Contracts

We have all the Work Comp Contracts you need. But you need more than just contracts… You need a business plan for GROWTH that fits your vision. You need EXPERTISE and SALE POWER to close and retain new business. Every brokerage has different goals and visions. Let’s customize a partnership that turns your vision into reality.

Old Way

  • MGA extends you a Carrier contract

WorkCompMGA Way

  • You access Carrier contracts
  • You access exclusive Carrier programs
  • You decide the terms of the Partnership
  • You access dedicated Work Comp Service Professionals
  • You access Work Comp Sales Professionals to close new business
  • You access Industry-Leading resources
  • You access consultants to build your business

The difference is CLEAR

Contracts or Partnership

No matter where you are in life and business, we can help you achieve your goals

A Partnership That Centers Around YOU

WorkCompMGA helps brokerages expand into new markets


You have ambitions of closing the big cases, but you don’t have the resources or expertise to close and retain that business. WorkCompMGA does. Close cases you don’t have the resources to close by making WorkCompMGA your Work Comp Division. Customize a Partnership with us to grow and enhance your business.

WorkCompMGA helps brokerages enhance their WorkComp services


Your Agency has an existing Work Comp book. What if you had a Work Comp Division that was more effective and profitable than managing it on your own? What if you got Commercial referrals from us? WorkCompMGA does that… Tell us your goals and structure and let’s Partner for strength and profit.

WorkCompMGA helps Agents exit their business profitably

Exit Plan

You want an exit plan for your Work Comp book. We can buy it for a multiplier of EBITA just like everyone else. But what if instead we take it over, service it, retain it, and pay you an annual revenue that would crush any sales price?

If you can dream it…
We can build it…

We customize a Work Comp Partnership around your business goals

  • Do you want to close your own Work Comp?
  • Do you want us to close your difficult Work Comp cases?
  • Do you want us to service your Work Comp book?
  • Do you want us to be your Work Comp Division?
  • Do you want Commercial referrals?
  • Do you want Consulting to grow your Brokerage?
  • Do you want to differentiate and make more money?
  • There is a plan for that…
  • There is a plan for that…
  • There is a plan for that…
  • There is a plan for that…
  • There is a plan for that…
  • There is a plan for that…
  • There is a plan for that…

YEAH… We have a plan for that… We have options together. Customize a Partnership on YOUR terms… WorkCompMGA

Let’s design our Partnership…


Submit the contact form or send us an email. Let us know a little about yourself and your business goals.


We will find a time to meet over a virtual cup of coffee and discuss your goals and vision for your business.


We will devise a custom solution to meet the goals and visions you have for your business.

Partner with us…

Just your name, contact info, and a bit about your vision. That’s it…