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You Want New Business Premium…

Your Distribution Problems: Solved

Effective, Efficient Distribution

for our Work Comp Carrier Partners

WorkCompMGA is not about offering every Carrier Contract. We Partner with Work Comp Carriers that are competitive, business-minded organizations that understand Partnerships.

WorkCompMGA helps carriers expand into new markets

New Markets

Our Direct Sales Force Team is a building full of Work Comp Experts. They close Work Comp cases faster and more effectively than anyone in the Country. We can point that machine at any state, region, or industry. We also partner with Brokerages in those areas to target New Premium. Dynamic and Cost-Effective Distribution for you.

WorkCompMGA helps carriers obtain new premium which makes more money

New Premium

Every Work Comp Carrier has a goal for New Premium. We know that your current model of Marketing Reps calling on Brokers that don’t sell New Premium is frustrating. WorkCompMGA is built to drive New Premiums. We change the game. Now it’s about business for you.

WorkCompMGA helps carriers cut expenses

Less Expense

Trying to expand your market share and New Business is an expensive process. The Wholesale game hasn’t changed in P&C forever. We only work with Brokers that want to expand their Work Comp book. You don’t need to spend time and money on brokers that don’t produce New Premium for you anymore.

Old Way

You want new Business Premium. Your Marketing Directors call on brokers that don’t sell new business or grow. Typically, brokers want a contract with you to get a BOR on a case or defend against one. MGAs just extend your contracts to the same brokers

Old School Distribution is inefficient

WorkCompMGA Way

Our direct Sales Force sells NEW WORK COMP PREMIUM across the country every day. Our MGA partners with brokerages across the country. We show them how to sell NEW PREMIUM.

Our Work Comp Experts sell, submit, service, and retain NEW business for them and you.

WE ARE WORK COMP Distribution.

The difference is CLEAR

Contracts or Premium

Partner with us

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